Top 35 Foods That Burn Fat

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Although we as people differ from each other a lot based on what we like, what we do, and the lifestyle we live, one thing unites us all: each of us wants to live a happy, long life surrounded by the people we love, doing things that fulfill us. But living a happy life is simply impossible if we are not healthy, and our health is influenced greatly by our diet and the food we consume regularly.

The correlation between food and health

As we all know, our brain is responsible for our body: from our heartbeat to breathing, movement, thoughts, even our emotions, and moods – our brain controls everything; to function properly, our brain needs "fuel" which comes from the food we eat. The nutrients we consume transform into energy which helps our brain function well.

If we consume food which is heavily processed, therefore less nutritious, and rich solely in calories, we will not be able to provide enough fuel for our brain; that’s because even though we will consume more than enough calories, we still won’t have enough energy for our body to function properly and stay healthy. The result is quite obvious, we end up getting fatter and less healthy. That’s why, we need to have a nutritious, balanced diet.

Nutritious, balanced diets are rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and all of the other nutrients our brain needs to protect our body. Furthermore, what we eat, influences our metabolism as well.

The correlation between food, metabolism, and burning fat

  • Our metabolism is a set of chain reactions in our body, and it is responsible for:
  • converting food to energy to run the other processes in our body,
  • converting food/fuel to building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and some carbohydrates,
  • finally, it is responsible for the elimination of waste.

How fast or slow our body will burn the calories we eat, and how much ‘fuel’ our brain will get to keep us healthy heavily depends on our metabolism.

We can freely say that our metabolism is the one responsible for how fast we will burn down fat and lose weight.

Although several factors influence how well our metabolism works, such as our muscle mass, our age, gender, genetics, body size, hormones, physical activity, and the environment, we can freely say that food is one of, if not the most important factor.

Numerous studies showed that our diet greatly impacts our metabolism and regulates how our body burns fat.

Unhealthy diets consist of low-quality food which typically is more processed and refined. This food is rich in calories, but low in nutrition as a good amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrition get lost in its processing.

Healthy, nutritious diets, on the other hand, don’t include heavily processed, refined foods, instead, they consist of high –quality food such as fresh vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamins and minerals, meat prepared healthily, and other nutritious foods. This diet provides everything our body needs to function well and stay healthy and it also helps our metabolism speed up the process of burning fats.