21 Signs You Have Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is one of the major problematic conditions in men. According to research, 4 to 5 million people in the USA suffer from low testosterone. A number of causes contribute to this condition. Old men are more prone to have low testosterone but children, young boys, and adults can also have this problem.

What causes contribute to Low Testosterone?

Injury to the testicles may cause low testosterone in your body.

If you have testicular cancer or having testicular cancer treatment, you are more prone to suffer from low testosterone.

Imbalance of hormones, especially in the pituitary gland, in the body is one of the common causes of Hypogonadism (Low Testosterone).

Obesity also contributes to lowering your testosterone.

How much is Low Testosterone from the normal range?

The normal range of testosterone is 300-800ng/dl (nanogram per deciliter). Having less than 300ng/dl indicates that you have low testosterone in your body.

Enlarged Breasts

Enlarged breast is the indication of reduction in masculinity which is most probably because of lower testosterone level in body.


Depression and testosterone levels in males are inversely proportional to each other. Depression is a direct indicator of low testosterone. Depression can also decrease testosterone. So if a man is feeling depression or anxiety it is more likely that he has low T- levels in the body.

Low Semen Volume

One of the major sign of low T-levels is low semen volume.

Underdeveloped Genitals

You may notice that the genitals are not properly developed i.e. they are small in size, this is also a sign that you have low testosterone levels in your body.

Gut Problems

Problems in digestion and absorption of nutrients, constipation, diarrhea can be a sign of low T-levels.

Fat Distribution

A certain pattern of fat distribution in males indicates low testosterone. For example, a high proportion of fat around the hips and nipple area of males.

When you are feeling a decrease in sex drive that is “low libido”, it will indicate high chances in low testosterone in your body.

Low Muscle Mass

As testosterone plays a role in masculinity, lowering of testosterone will result in low muscle mass, which will tell you that your body is producing low testosterone.

Deepening Of The Voice

Deepening of voice indicates your manliness, if you don’t have much deepening invoice, it may indicate that you have low testosterone level in your body.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction indicates "not proper erection of penis" which causes difficulty in intercourse, reduced the level of testosterone in your body leads to erectile dysfunction.

Overly Long Limbs

Limbs longer than usual are also a sign of Hypogonadism (low T-levels).

Lack Of Body Hair

Some men may have a lack of hair in the body, this can be probably due to low testosterone production in their body.

Memory Changes

The decline in the recognition of power and brain performance can be a sign of low T-levels in the body.

Low Energy Levels

Your energy level drops when you have reduction in testosterone production, you may feel fatigued, and you will feel less active than other men.


One of the major problems of low testosterone is infertility that prevents you from having a child. Many people find it depressing, it also increases the ratio of divorce.


Many of you will face insomnia as a side effect of low testosterone levels. It might consider a psychological effect.

Loss Of Bone Mass

Bone density and bone mass are widely affected by lower levels of testosterone in the body.

Muscle Development

During puberty, Testosterone is the major hormone that contributes to your muscle development. The decline in muscle development (masculinity) may indicate that you have low testosterone production.

Mood Changes

When are at low levels of testosterone you might feel the change in your behavior, one of the prominent change in mood is aggressiveness.

Fetal Development

Hypogonadism can occur during fetal development. Female genitals, undeveloped male genitals, and ambiguous genitals (neither clearly male nor female) can be developed and can cause Low Testosterone.

H.F. Complications

A study has proved that low testosterone levels can worsen the condition called “Congestive heart failure” or CHF in cardio-vascular patients.